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Untouched nature along the edge of National park Plitvice lakes, beauty of the valley of rivers Gacka and Lika, Krbavsko field, untamed beauty of Nature park Velebit and National park North Velebit offer unforgettable experience to all nature lovers and friends of the horses.

If you have met these animals before, enjoy the ride in the enchanting nature. Those feeling less brave can simply enjoy them self in the company and petting of this magnificent animals..


Why enjoy in the river only from the shore, when you could be going down the rapids and waterfalls, why limit your self to roads when you can get down to magical corners by kayak.

It is about kayaking down the river Korana and Mrežnica over many rapids and sedge barriers. The rout is going down the inaccessible part of the river, the ride is long more than ten kilometers and passes through impressive canyons, more than 30 cascades and has several abandoned watermills along the way.


Zipline can give you an experience that is most similar to flying dreams. Imagine your self 80 meters above the ground, flying at the speed of 120 km/h traveling almost one kilometer attached to the cable with a view to the beautiful scenery of Lika.

There is also a beautiful viewpoint with a view of local valleys. Now you can order a drink and enjoy the beautiful vista after your flight.

Driving with quads

For all of you with adventurous spirit, we guarantee unforgettable quad adventure in untouched natural environment of Rastoke and its surroundings.

Freedom that four-wheel drive is offering is incomparable to any other means of transport. You will be riding over meadows, woods and off-road paths accompanied by trained guides.


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